Bash script to configure PHP LDAP Admin

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Wrote a bash script to make it easier to configure PHP LDAP Admin.

How to export Gmail contacts

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Export Gmail Contacts

Gmail has a great contact list interface which collects emails and stores them on the Gmail servers. The contact list automatically saves inbound email addresses, that way you'll always have a record of past interactions (on top of any emails). Eventually the savvy user may want to save a contact list onto their computer; keeping their contacts on a local machine instead of a remote server. This can be done for the entire contact list or just a group of contacts.

IFTTT recipes for business owners

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IFTTT Recipe: Ringtone 100% volume at 8am  connects date-time to android-device

How to embed Google maps

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How to Embed Google Maps on your site

Some businesses can use Google's resources to their advantage when it comes to property, Google Maps has meticulously documented photos of property. That includes earth view and map viewEarth view gives the user an aerial image of the property in question as well as a street-view, almost as good as a drive by.

Change Facebook Profile Picture

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How do I change my Facebook profile picture?

If you've had trouble changing your Facebook profile picture then you're not alone, we live in a fast-paced digital culture where change is constant. The Facebook website is changing and evolving each day, sometimes it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. Today I'm presenting a visual guide to changing your profile picture. This is as of 11/8/2014 and may change, we'll do our best to update the content to maintain relevancy.

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