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How do I change my Facebook profile picture?

If you've had trouble changing your Facebook profile picture then you're not alone, we live in a fast-paced digital culture where change is constant. The Facebook website is changing and evolving each day, sometimes it can be difficult to stay up-to-date. Today I'm presenting a visual guide to changing your profile picture. This is as of 11/8/2014 and may change, we'll do our best to update the content to maintain relevancy.

It can be somewhat difficult to change your Facebook profile picture since the page format is subject to constant change. The developers at Facebook try to keep these functions familiar enough to make operation intuitive though there may be some room for improvement. The translucent camera image is an identifying characteristic, it signifies the content is relevant to rich media (pictures, video, etc).

I find the easiest method to navigate Facebook after a user interface update is to look for these visual cues instead of explicitly worded directions. Developers factor these cues into their design in order to communicate a universal shorthand based on these images.

These are instructions for a Facebook business or community page, it is very similar to changing a personal profile picture.

Click the profile picture icon

Change your facebook profile picture

Choose from the menu

Choose from the menu

Click Upload Photo

Profile - Select Upload

Select a size-appropriate photo

Select Facebook Profile Photo

Select a photo from your computer. Facebook advises the size be 180px (pixels) by 180px (pixels). Select with the open button

Watch the uploading image animation

Your profile picture uploads

Your profile picture uploads, it will appear after the short animation runs.

Your image has been uploaded. Save the changes!

Save Changes - Profile picture

Click Save Changes and your profile picture is published!

That's how you change your Facebook profile picture


Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions or additions.

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