How to embed Google maps

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How to Embed Google Maps on your site

Some businesses can use Google's resources to their advantage when it comes to property, Google Maps has meticulously documented photos of property. That includes earth view and map viewEarth view gives the user an aerial image of the property in question as well as a street-view, almost as good as a drive by.

1. Search for your property

Search for your map on Google

2. Click on the map image or "Get directions" link text

Google Maps - Maps View

3. Save the Location and play with the map

Re-arrange it how you like, change to earth view for an aerial style image.

Earth mode 1345 Barnum Avenue

4. Decide your ideal point of view (on the map)

5. Share your new favorite map

Click the cog on the bottom right. Click share and embed map

5a. Share it as a link:

Copy and paste the link code for a text link.

Copy the link code and paste it onto a post. Or you can embed the map straight onto the listing.

5b. Share and embed google map:

Pick size and copy/paste code to your listing

Pick your map size and then copy / paste the embed code onto the listing page. The end result looks like this:

End Result: Medium Sized

That's how you embed google maps onto any website. This is a website-level code and will work on almost any platform. Just make sure you paste it in the text keyboard rather than the visual keyboard like on the Wordpress platform. This is a code snippet, not formatted text on a website.

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