How to export Gmail contacts

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Export Gmail Contacts

Gmail has a great contact list interface which collects emails and stores them on the Gmail servers. The contact list automatically saves inbound email addresses, that way you'll always have a record of past interactions (on top of any emails). Eventually the savvy user may want to save a contact list onto their computer; keeping their contacts on a local machine instead of a remote server. This can be done for the entire contact list or just a group of contacts.

Today I'll demonstrate how to create a Gmail contact list group and then how to export that group.

1. Switch to Gmail's Contacts view

2. Scroll down the left sidebar

Scroll down the left sidebar

3. Click New Group and enter a name

Click New Group in Gmail Contacts and enter a name

4. Select the group

select group

5. Add emails

Enter contact information

Today we'll just copy/paste the email recipients

paste emails

6. Now you have a full group contact list

New group filled with gmail contacts

7. Click More and select Export

Click more and select Export

8. Click Export and save the file

Export the contact group

Now you know how to export Gmail contacts

Now you know how to create contact list groups in Gmail and how to export them, this practice helps to separate your contacts. You can use exported CSV files to store entire contact lists, partial lists or just a couple emails. It can be particularly useful when inviting friends to social networks; instead of having to upload ALL of your contacts you can upload only those you prefer to share.

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