IFTTT recipes for business owners

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IFTTT Recipe: Ringtone 100% volume at 8am  connects date-time to android-device

Use IFTTT recipes to boost your productivity

IFTTT is a free service which allows the user to schedule task automation when specific criteria are met, it employs basic programming logic in assisting users. Let's use the above example: IFTTT stands for IF This THEN That which means IF This(time is 8am) - THEN That(volume 100%). Any business owner will tell you that it's difficult to get away from work, even moreso when you are tied to your phone 24/7. It's important for your employees to reach you when an emergency arises, that being said it's just as important for the boss to get a proper amount of rest each night. When used in conjunction with the following recipe you'll be afforded 8 hours of phone silence each night.

IFTTT Recipe: Mute ringtone at midnight connects date-time to android-device

This recipe automatically mutes your phone each night at midnight. Using these 2 recipes together gives you an 8 hour period of silence after midnight each day, it can help in managing scheduled downtime when you need it. Some things can be dealt with in the morning, your employees don't need to reach you after midnight unless your work is incredibly time-sensitive like medicine or law. It's up to you to draw the line - when should your employees and business partners expect not to reach you?

Social Automation - Twitter Boost

IFTTT Recipe: New favorite tweets bookmarked connects twitter to delicious

In addition to managing your schedule you can use IFTTT recipes to boost social networking efforts. The above recipe takes any tweets you favorite on Twitter and bookmarks them on Delicious which is a social bookmarking site. Social bookmarking sites allow users to share their favorite content from all over the web. Using a bookmarking tool in conjunction with Twitter allows users to catalog and index high quality content, if the user takes care only to favorite high quality media and content then you'll eventually generate a high-value store of information relevant to your brand and personal interests.

Weekly Twitter auditing

IFTTT Recipe: Email list of Twitter followers each Monday morning connects twitter to email-digest

IFTTT recipes can also help with social engagement: the above recipe sends users a complete list of new Twitter followers each Monday morning. This can be used as a source list of potential sales leads, these followers have already shown enough interest to temporarily follow your account (and brand) without unfollowing. If they happen to unfollow then you can later follow-up and ask why they abandoned your feed, a lot of the time users are happy to answer questions about your brand's Twitter posts. Users are more accustomed to customer-centric measures which ensure a positive experience, social networks provide a novel approach to structure customer service interactions and give a voice to public efforts made on behalf of the clientele.


Tumblr Blog Record-keeping

IFTTT Recipe: Tumblr post records in Google Drive connects tumblr to google-drive  

Any blog post made to Tumblr will be recorded into a Google Spreadsheet, this gives you clear records of your content syndication efforts. It's helpful to use blog networks in addition to social networks when syndicating content to the internet blogosphere. IFTTT recipes like this give you relevant and specific data that allows you to gauge your efforts, later you can use the data to make adjustments to your content marketing efforts.

Social and Content Marketing Efficiency for Brands

You can use similar recipes to record any blog posts to your Facebook page, or many other medium. IFTTT has a long list of channels which allow you to keep services working in unison to make your life easier, it's a real headache when the end-user has to work out the kinks when using incompatible software. Services like IFTTT take the bits and pieces which make up a modern business and allow those without programming and web development skills to use basic methods which can simplify much of the rote copying, filing and processing of data. Social media and content marketing are becoming more important to business owners as the networks grow larger, it's vital that every business makes use of these networks in acquiring new leads and establishing your products or services as a trusted vendor. The more time that can be lent to analysis and consideration of social metrics the better, a well considered strategy can save time when confronted with unsatisfactory engagement rates or completion of company-wide sales goals.

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