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Website Design Packages


Entry Package - $725


Static website design with up to 6 pages of content. Modern design which utilizes the recent improvements in design capabilities: HTML5/CSS3/Responsive Designs


  • Responsive design: Compatible with any screen size: works on mobile phones, desktop computers and laptops
  • Scalable font icons which entice visitors: Icons are used as visual cues which help make your website memorable and unique.
  • Social network plugins: Embed your Twitter timeline, Facebook Page feed or other social networks into the website, makes it easy for your users to follow or like you via social media. Helps to increase the number of followers

Professional Package - $1125


Dynamic website design with as many pages as you'd like. The professional package allows you to log into the back-end admin panel. This gives you the ability to update the page content, publish blog posts and accept user comments on each page (blog posts and user comments improve search rankings)


  • Everthing included in the Entry Package
  • Blog Syndication: Your blog posts are copied to external blog platforms such as Blogger, Tumblr, and Feedburner to gain more exposure. Having your blog posts syndicated to other platforms gains you more page visits and makes it more likely your posts will be found in search engines results. (When users click to read your posts on the other blog platforms they're sent to your website)
  • Social network integration: this differs from the social plugins which merely display the posts which you've made on social networks. Having your content integrated with social networks allows users to like, retweet and share your content. This enables your content to show up in the news feeds of users aren't currently follow you. This helps you gain new followers as well as website referrals.
  • Search engine optimization: the website is programmed to submit content keywords to all search engines, making it more likely that you'll show up in search engine results. This also helps decrease bounce rate (when a user visits your website and leaves almost immediately) because the content is more likely to be relevant to what the user is searching for.

Growth Package - $1675


Comprehensive Search Engine Optimization and Social Network integrations.Uses all available methods to boost website referrals, keep users engaged and attract new users to your website in an ongoing basis.


  • Everything included in the Professional Package
  • Automated social posting: When you publish new blog posts on the website you're social media accounts will post an update which contains a link to the page and keyword hashtags. This practice increases your exposure and dramatically raises the amount of referrals gained via social networks. Social networks and search engines utilize hashags to improve the relevancy of search results and to indicate the popularity of trending subjects. Hashtags promote your content and treat it like new items, when a particular hashtag is "trending" your content will show up in the results

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